Feed me to your static site generator.

We built Blogophonic to take advantage of several Hugo features like pagination, taxonomies and archetypes. Dive deeper on the Github page.

If you would like to use this template with another static site generator, drop us a line and let us know your preference.

Noteable Features

Tachyons for Style

Blue tinted version of the Tachyons avatar on Twitter Tachyons is a design system that allows you to create gorgeous content in the browser with little effort. Use the css toolkit to design your own components, or use a component from its growing open source library. Learn more

CSS Grid Scaffold

Simple representation of a grid layout overlayed in blue Grid Layout is a new layout model for CSS that has powerful abilities to control the sizing and positioning of boxes and their contents. Unlike Flexbox, which is single-axis oriented, Grid Layout is optimized for 2-dimensional layouts. Learn more

Built-in Contact Form

Partial view of the top left corner of a contact form Blogophonic has form to email capabilities built right in, all you need to do is include your email address in the front matter of the contact page. Giving this template away is, in fact, an elaborate ploy to get you to try Formspree! Learn more

Blogophonic Logo

"Blog" (in black) by Alex Berkowitz from the Noun Project.

Social Icons

Free SVG icons for popular brands by Simple Icons.